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Three gnomes in red hats wearing green underpants and brown boots

The Underpants Gnomes and Me

Moss Piglet February 2023

Moss Piglet cover art

Tinder Convo

Moss Piglet, January 2023

Moss Piglet, July 2022 cover

The Things We Eat for Love

Moss Piglet, July 2022, The Food Issue

Pure Slush cover

Somebody's Baby

Pure Slush, Lifespan Vol 7, May 2023

Moss Piglet, May 2023 cover

One Step at a Time

Moss Piglet, May 2023

Marriage cover


Pure Slush, Marriage Lifespan, Vol. 6, August 2022

Poster Man by E.E. King


Riddled with Arrows RwA 5.4

Pandemic Diaries cover

The Bright Side

Passager Books, Pandemic Diaries, June 3, 2022

A pigeon walking

Roof Man

Pigeon Review, April 14, 2022

an art and literary journal

From Rain Change, photographs by Sally Buffington

Tree Hugger

Persimmon Tree, Spring 2023

Fiery Scribe Review cover

Stardust Memories

Fiery Scribe Review, DUST, September 2022

Moss Piglet December 2022 cover

The Winter of My Content

Moss Piglet December 2022

Pure Slush cover

My Three Cows

Pure Slush, Cow, Vol. 23, June 2022

Moss Piglet October 2022 Cover

Tiger Shirt

Moss Piglet October 2022 Lost or Found

Pure Slush cover

Magical Times

Pure Slush, Snatches of an Aria, Music Folio 1, November 2022

Moss Piglet, April 2023 cover

Three Truths and No Lie

Moss Piglet, April 2023

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