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Open Door Magazine, March 2022


It’s cold in Ukraine this time of year



my favorite season


6,000 miles away

curled up in bed

my cat

by my side

sharing warmth


thinking of you






a million flee

the lucky ones


we see pictures

buildings bombed


a man in the train station holds his cat

his pain my pain


turning away

it lingers


the inexplicable brutality

the horror

do not escape me

are not lost on me


I imagine you in the cold morning

boots cut through the thin layer of ice that formed on sidewalks overnight




your footsteps

my footsteps


‘til thoughts




I step aside

let you pass


post sunflowers

share images of blue and yellow flags

crawl back under the covers


Proceeds from the March 2022 Open Door anthology (Ukraine and Footsteps) went towards Sunflower of Peace to provide first aid backpacks for first responders on the front lines in Ukraine.

Close Up: Poems on Cancer, Grief, Hope, and Healing, October 2022
Orchard Lea Press


A Good Fish


 mc was a good fish.

He lived alone in a tank with a big hunk of wood

and a device that made bubbles

and he ate store-bought fish pellets twice a day.

Mittens liked to eat his food and watch him swim.

Sometimes she'd put her front leg (her arm, to me) into the tank up to the shoulder to try to reach him.

A cat that comes to the call, "Wanna feed the fish?"

mc died today.

Poe and I put him in a tiny box and took him to the field, dug a hole with a stick and buried him.

We told him he was a good fish and we hoped he'd been happy.

Poe said she'd get me another fish.

A better fish, she said.

What could be better than mc, I thought?

Poe said my new fish will be blue.

She said we’ll name him squared.


Proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to Cancer Council Australia and Cancer Research UK.

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